About us

About us

MAIS Onlus is a secular volunteer organization founded in 1987, focused on distance support aimed at education as the main tool for the self-development of a community. Our motto is, in fact: the more you know, the better you fight.

MAIS Onlus currently supports over 1,000 children, four foster homes, a clinic, and a farm.

With our projects in Africa, India, and South America, we focus not only on Education but also on other goals like Protection, Health, and Employment:

  • Foster homes to accommodate and take care of children suffering from AIDS or who are orphans.
  • Combating AIDS, tuberculosis, and female cancers, through vaccination campaigns and dental clinics to promote health and prevention.
  • Dozens of professional courses every year for bakers, hairdressers, healthcare assistants, ceramists, software programmers, farmers, and breeders.

MAIS Onlus mainly receives donations from individuals and fundraising events. We organize guided tours, yoga classes, cooking classes, charity dinners, markets, and theater evenings. Contributions can also be made by donating through the 5×1000 program or by choosing our solidarity gifts: local crafts from the countries where we operate, Christmas baskets with organic products, or wedding favors made by women involved in our project in Argentina.

We rely on the collaboration of 10 local coordinators, 40 volunteers, and over 2,000 members and supporters throughout Italy.

Thanks to this effort, 90% of the funds raised are actually allocated to projects, and only 10% is retained for administrative costs.

The association operates in accordance with the principles outlined in the “Guidelines for Distance Support for Minors and Youth” issued by the Agency for Non-Profit Organizations, ensuring transparency and complete information to the contributors about their donations and ensuring quality projects for beneficiaries. This includes collaboration with local public institutions and full respect for cultural differences.

MAIS Onlus also adheres to the coordination for distance support provided by La Gabbianella Onlus.

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