About us

About us

MAIS, an acronym for “Movement for International Self-Development in Solidarity,” is a Voluntary Organization established in 1987, under Article 10, point 8, of the Legislative Decree 4/12/97, n. 460 (Official Gazette 2/1/98, n.1).

It is registered on the list of non-profit entities of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation with Decree n.9/20, under Article 26 of law n.125 of 11/08/2014. As of December 12, 2022, it is officially registered as a Third Sector Entity in the RUNTS (National Registry of the Third Sector) as a Voluntary Organization (OdV), with Determination n. G17487 of 12/12/2022 from the RUNTS Regional Office of Lazio.

To achieve its objectives, the Association has a multifaceted action strategy focused on four areas:

  • Education: ensures access to education for the most vulnerable groups
  • Health: is committed to fighting AIDS, tuberculosis, and female cancers, through vaccination campaigns and managing specialized outpatient clinics offering various types of analyses and tests
  • Work: organizes professional courses to facilitate access to the world of work
  • Protection: manages foster homes to welcome and care for children who are sick with AIDS, orphans, or otherwise disadvantaged


MAIS aims to promote the full development of man as a citizen of the world by overcoming social, economic, and cultural barriers that hinder the realization and creation of a new culture of solidarity, cooperation, social justice, and peace.


We work according to principles of equity and transparency in fundraising, in the use, and allocation of funds, committed to ensuring that every contribution acquired is primarily destined to support projects. We provide ongoing information to supporters through periodic correspondence and various communication tools. We maintain proper relations with private, public, governmental, and administrative institutions and with third-party companies.
We promote mutual knowledge and global exchange to facilitate overcoming social, economic, and cultural barriers. We work in partnership with local organizations because we believe that sharing ideas, knowledge, and skills can maximize the common goal of promoting self-development.
We operate with the utmost respect for diversity, culture, and local traditions. We believe in the value of acceptance and equality. Through foster homes and many community projects (educational, healthcare, and training), we aim to offer all individuals protection, equity, and equal opportunities.
Thanks to a mirror-like organization – Local Representatives and Responsible individuals in Italy for each project – we have experience and a deep understanding of the realities where we operate. Constant relations with private and public local entities and continuous updating on the dynamics and regulatory changes of the Third Sector allow us to operate with professionalism, balance, and promptness.
Regardless of ethnicity, religion, and opinions, we highly value the individuals we come in contact with. In social relations, mutual respect, loyalty, and a sense of responsibility are always present.
We are a secular association operating globally free from any kind of constraint (religious, political, etc.).
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  • President: Fabrizio Fortunato Tel: +39 339 8774920 e-mail:
  • Vice-President: Loredana Rabellino Tel: +39 338 3616750 e-mail:
  • Board Members Anna Bartoloni, Lamberto Luminari, Mario Marena, Rossella Rastelli, Marco Testini
  • Alternate Board Members Laura Geng