Action Strategy

MAIS’s action is primarily focused on promoting education as the main tool for a people’s self-development. However, through years of activity, it has become clear that achieving this primary goal cannot be separated from the oversight of other factors, as important as the first, to promote a child’s harmonious growth. For this reason, the association’s commitment today is to facilitate access to education, but also to offer protection, promote health, and encourage entry into the world of work.

Countries of Intervention

Areas of Intervention



All Projects

Microprojects are interventions carried out to support a need that has arisen within a larger Project or in favor of the Community in the country where work is being done. Due to this nature, they have specific characteristics:

  • they are carried out within a defined time frame
  • they are created to support existing Projects or local partners committed to social work, in order to create synergies and network
  • they are funded through the use of funds (institutional and private) and/or campaigns dedicated to the individual microproject

Currently, these projects are under development:

La Casa di Piero Progetto Agricolo