Remote Sponsorship

Remote Sponsorship

Remote support is an apparently simple gesture but can change the future of many children and the communities that host them.

Why is it so important?

Offering regular support over time allows us to ensure continuity in our work, enabling us to plan activities in the medium to long term and to provide stability to the projects. Through remote support, you can make a concrete change in the lives of beneficiaries.

You can choose to support a Child to help them grow, investing in their education.

You can choose to support a Community to ensure a welcome for children living in Foster Homes, to bring health and prevention, or to promote educational, economic, and cultural initiatives for the benefit of entire communities.

Support a child Support a community


  • At the start of the support, you will receive the information sheet of the child/project you have decided to support and a photo.
  • Throughout the year, you will receive periodic updates through reports on the project and/or academic results, in the case of supporting a child.
  • Any life changes of the child will be promptly communicated to you.
  • You will receive our periodic MAIS News and the Newsletter at home to stay up to date on events and news.
  • Certification of the annual donation for tax purposes by April of each year.
  • If you wish to start correspondence with the child, you can do so without any problems. Send your letter to, specifying whether or not you need translation. Our staff will make sure your message reaches its destination!
  • You can visit the child you support remotely through the two solidarity trips that MAIS offers each year to encourage the discovery of new cultures and traditions and to stimulate the birth of stories of friendship and solidarity.

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